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In recent months the membership grew to 354 members but so far only 149 members have managed to add their observations to the project.

Manual addition needs to be done for each observation that is to be included in a traditional project. Because how to do this is not obvious for many, I made the tutorial for adding observations to a traditional project:

You can go back and add older qualifying observations into the project.

If you have any questions about the Footzoom project, do not hesitate to ask me.

If anyone knows iNat members that are living beyond Europe and North America, please encourage them to join. It would be fantastic to see more observations that are occurring in Africa, Asia, Oceania, and South America.

Thank you,
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Using human-powered transport from one's primary residence to arrive at and record an observation is the purpose of this Project. This could mean just stepping out of your door and recordings things in your neighborhood, or this could be the result of a 10-day bike ride. The forms of human-powered transport include, but are not limited to, walking, running, swimming, skating, skiing, sailing, ...more ↓

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