20,000 Observations!

Hi all,

It looks like we just hit 20,000 feather observations in the Found Feathers project! I am just absolutely stunned by the amount of enthusiasm for feather finding and identification that I have encountered on iNaturalist, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you observers and identifiers who support this project with your time, expertise, and feathers. We've certainly come a long way together since I created this project back in 2017--I have personally grown so much in my identification ability from having all your observations to practice with, and I know that many of you have been able to do the same :)

I won't write this too long, but I just want to establish that while I may have started this project, every single one of you is responsible for getting us to where we are today. I can only hope that this project is as much of a boon to you as it has been to me.

Thank you to everyone, and happy feather finding!

Posted on April 28, 2020 04:47 PM by featherenthusiast featherenthusiast


Hooray! 20,000+ feathers! Thank you so much, Amanda, for starting this project. It has been lots of fun to collect feathers and guess who they belong to (and have experts verify or correct the species IDs). It has been a wonderous, educational, and adventurous project. Looking forward to the next 20,000.

Posted by truthseqr almost 4 years ago

Congrats! I have another one of ya today! :)

Posted by ken-potter almost 4 years ago

@karakaxa you did it! :)

Posted by twan3253 almost 4 years ago

@twan3253 Credit goes to everyone! ;)

Posted by karakaxa almost 4 years ago

Not a month later, and we've already added another thousand! I love the pace of growth in this little community. :)

Posted by featherenthusiast almost 4 years ago

More to come on the 23rd May ;)

Posted by twan3253 almost 4 years ago

I'm a little late in congratulating you on the 20,000 milestone, but I want to thank the Feather Fanciers who have helped ID some Observations I've added to this project.

As someone whose data wrangling skills exceed my naturalist knowledge (but I'm learning!) I've found a niche doing very general IDs to get other people's Observations out of Unknown limbo. When I came upon a mention of this project a while back I joined and added some feathers to it. Your members have kindly IDed several of those, and a few have gone from Unknown to Research Grade!

Posted by karen5lund over 3 years ago

This project has been a boon to me and my friends. It focuses our birder attention in a different way than usual, and has actually helped us to document rarely observed species (especially nocturnal ones) in our county. The 'names' @karakaxa and @featherenthusiast are often invoked as goddesses on our longer treks through the forest, as in "Oh can we set them a puzzle with this feather? Are we worthy?"

Posted by gyrrlfalcon over 3 years ago

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