The Aggregator, Check Your Project Settings

We have turned on the automatic aggregator for the Texas Freshwater Mussel Project, this will automatically add your observations to the project if they meet the project rules and you allow curators to add observations to the project:

Must be observed in Texas, US
Must be in the taxon Bivalvia
Observer must allow project curators to view coordinates.

For the aggregator to work, you must give curators permission to add observations and view the locations of obscured observations. You can choose this setting when you join the project or by going to the project page and clicking "Your Membership" and then selecting "Project members" on the right side of the page. This will be the most convenient way to share your observations with our project.
To manually add observations you can choose "You" under project settings, this will allow you to choose which observations you want to add to our project. However, curators will not be able to add your ...more ↓

Posted on February 16, 2016 10:06 PM by marshamay marshamay | 1 comment | Leave a comment
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Guide to photographing mussels:

This project is for observations of freshwater mussels in Texas. As part of the Texas Mussel Watch ...more ↓

marshamay created this project on October 17, 2012
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