One week Bay Area MycoBlitz starts January 9

Greetings fellow mushroom lovers!

If you are in the Greater San Francisco / Monterey Bay Area, please consider participating in the upcoming MycoBlitz for the 2021 Tilden Fungus Fair.

This is a special event that I host every year at Tilden Nature Area in Berkeley. Due to the ongoing pandemic and shelter-in-place restrictions, this year's event will be virtual. And what would a mushroom fair be without specimens?

The idea is that folks will go out and "collect" specimens via iNat in the week leading up to the event, then during the event I will review the highlights of the mycoblitz and recognize the top observers, top identifiers, and most commonly observed species. I should warn: you there are prizes involved for the top collectors and identifiers.

To participate, simply ...more ↓

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This project is designed to document and identify the higher fungi (Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes, excluding lichenized fungi) occuring in the California Floristic Province.

Fungal fruitbodies tend to be ephemeral, and the documentation of fruiting locations is scarce compared with that of plants. Additionally, many areas of the CFP are poorly documented in terms of their ...more ↓

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