Gall Week is over!

I hope everyone had a nice time during Gall Week April 2024 - and thank you for participating! You can continue uploading observations of galls documented during Gall Week (4/20-28). Please do not add observations made before or after those dates.
We've got some great sticker designs made by Chelsea and by @teamvalor786succulentsandcacti on BioBlitz Club's website -
You can download the stickers and print them at home.
I'd like to hear if the timing was good where you're at - here in California it works great, but now more than ever, I realize that it might be very early for other places. Unfortunately, if we wait till July, we would lose our Spring galls, and might start seeing fall galls. In any ...more ↓

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Welcome to our Spring/Fall Gall Week event! This will be our 5th Gall Week event, and we hope it will be as successful as our previous events. During April 20-28, please document galls = structures induced by arthropods, fungi, and sometimes bacteria on plants. Please do not document here leaf miners or other evidence of feeding, unless they are gall-related.
To participate, please join ...more ↓

merav created this project on March 28, 2024
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