Amphibians are amazing! The diversity of their shapes, sizes, colors and behaviors are absolutely extraordinary! The Global Amphibian BioBlitz (GAB) not only showcases that diversity, but more importantly it helps researchers, conservationists and concerned global citizens share information and move forward actions that conserve these incredible amphibians around the world.

The GAB has three immediate priority goals:

1) Obtain at least one observation of every amphibian in the world - why? With this information we can create local, national and international digital field guides that increase knowledge and information on amphibians, as well as how to protect them.

2) Provide a place to discuss the threats to amphibians – Using the IUCN Red List of Threatened species as a framework the GAB includes forums for every species currently Red Listed and many more. The GAB team will take the information captured on forums and work with the Red List unit to update species assessments as resources become available which in turn, provides the best possible guidance for on the ground conservation action.

3) Increase our understanding of amphibian distribution – The more location points we have for each species the better we can assess their global distribution and the threats they face.

As we get closer to 2020 and the target date for the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, we need to utilize all the tools we have access to implement effective conservation. The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Amphibiaweb, Amphibian Ark, the IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group and the Amphibian Survival Alliance have all recognized the importance and potential for conservation impact of the Global Amphibian BioBlitz. Join us today and be a part of this exciting 21st century solution!

Mini loarie created this project on April 07, 2011

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