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Because roadkill is a global problem, we are collaborating with organizations globally to record roadkill observations as both evidence of a species occurrence and of wildlife-vehicle conflict. The Road Ecology Center is an academic-science entity, but we believe that collecting data about conservation issues like his is a critical service we can provide. We have spent 8 years developing and operating the California Roadkill Observation System, the 2nd largest system of its kind in the world (Belgium just keeps staying in front of us). We are using that experience to help at the global level and we appreciate your contributions to this important conservation concern.

Fraser Shilling
for Global Roadkill and the Road Ecology Center (

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Globally, there are over 1 billion vehicles driving on almost 6 million miles of paved roads. Every day, millions of mammals, herpetofauna, birds, and insects are killed trying to cross roads, or incidentally as they move around. At the Road Ecology Center, we want to reduce this loss and the first step is to understand where it is occurring. We operate the largest volunteer-based roadkill ...more ↓

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