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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your observations so far in the project! At the suggestion of one of our members, I have added a custom field to fill out just the site number of observations. This will more easily allow us to grab data for each site on a loop and a better chance for the observation to be research grade.


Posted by joshua_w joshua_w, November 06, 2020 16:33


This is a good idea. I was wondering how folks were going to quickly and easily distinguish among sites.

Posted by jsuplick over 1 year ago (Flag)

Why is this Texas project under inat Canada?

Posted by dsttexas over 1 year ago (Flag)


What I think as happen, someway or somehow you joined iNaturalist Network Affiliation for Canada or log in /set up is in ? Which is still connected to Texas via the global iNaturalist network Community of localized websites. If you are in iNaturalist Canada or Recommend changing login to or check your profile settings network affiliation?

If profile issue, you can check by going to your Profile-> Settings -> Account section. Update your iNaturalist Network Affiliation to “iNaturalist”. Save Settings. Being that you have 2 observations recommend your make the change if that's what you find. Because there is a system note:
“ Please do not experimentally change your affiliation if you have more than 1000 observations. “

Hope answer your question and happy iNat 'g

Posted by peterjoseph over 1 year ago (Flag)

A friend suggested I join your project. I understand one has to enter a location number for the observation to be accepted. Do you have a list of the locations on the trails map, so that observers can put them to the right location? Some of us travel around and would love to add our sightings to this project, but don't know what numbers go with each location. Thanks. - Debra

Posted by dhalter about 1 year ago (Flag)

– Great you joined the GTWT AAL project.

1) Go to Great Texas Wildlife Trails:

2) Find the “View Interactive Map” that you plan to or have made observations at.
Example “Prairies and Pineywoods West” (or PPWW) . If you are in Wichita, TX.

3) Click on a “Loop” or color section on the map that you are roughly at. Which would be the one near Wichita, TX. The interactive map will drill down and pop a new page “ Wichita Loop” and a list of sites on that loop. Note each site on that loop under the title as a site code: PPWW ### .

So if you at Lake Arrowhead State Park making iNaturalist observations. The location number or in iNaturalist it’s called the Observation field – “Place of Observation (Site Number)” should be updated with “PPWW 120” for Lake Arrowhead State Park.
For more details about the project check with joshua_w (Joshua Lee with TPWD) or your Chapter GTWT Adopt a Loop Coordinator if you have one in Rolling Plains Chapter.
More info on YouTube TMN channel : (skip to 1hour).

Hope that helps! Happy iNat’g

Posted by peterjoseph about 1 year ago (Flag)

@joshua_w Happy iNat'g! I have observations that were once pinned on project map but now have all but 4 disappeared from the pin map. They remain in list for the project and have Place of Observation HOTE 029 marked in the box. They are 56 observations of 48 species from March 17, 2021. It does not coincide with Research Grade. Have you had this problem and know how I can resolve it? Thanks!

Posted by aprilsee 11 months ago (Flag)

@aprilsee Happy iNat'g to you.
I do not know if you got your answer? But this enquiring mind wants to know why. So, based on the info you provide above, I did a deep dive into it. Started by filtering your observations for that day. The short answer check your locations. Site HOTE 029 description looks to be along Brushy Creek Trail only.
What I see for March 17th, one observation in Austin and the others in question at Lake Creek Trail both sites not on Brushy Creek Trails. As matter fact those observations are not in any GTWT’s loop zones. If so my thoughts, those observations project code may have been scrubbed from your observations before a download occurred from iNaturalist to a downstream database for GTWT AAL project.

@joshua_w please confirm if any scrubbing of any observations project code not relative to GTWT site locations. Which makes sense to scrub data upstream (or in iNaturalist) rather than downstream databases at each download. Best Regards to all my TMN iNat'ers! :-)

Posted by peterjoseph 11 months ago (Flag)

Thank you @peterjoseph for diving in. That makes sense that the observations are included along Brushy Creek Trail only.

Posted by aprilsee 11 months ago (Flag)

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