Heads up on City Nature Challenge, April 27-30, 2018 -- DFW competing with like 75 other cities too!

Wanted to let everyone know this is coming. Yes it is far off, but wanted to get it on everyone's calendar. If you participated last year, then you know DFW won the contest and we will be fighting to keep our status. There will be a lot of events in the area and there are even plans to have an ID party to help ID all the finds. Of course more to come.

On another note, if you want to brush up your inat skills or just want to learn more about it, I will be teaching a class at the Heard on the 3rd Saturday, Nov 18 at 9:30 in the SRC building (the one at the end of the street). Master Nats and members are free, but others will have this free with museum entry fee.

November 18 - iNaturalist Training

Have you ever wanted to become a citizen scientist? iNaturalist is a program that allows you to use your phone to record nature observations, share them with friends or the scientific community, identify species that you find, and help build a repository ...more ↓

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To document the species living freely on the Heard Wildlife Sanctuary.

The hope is to use this data to possible pinpoint and remove the invasive plant species as well as have a better understanding of the natural resources living on the sanctuary and how that changes over time.

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