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iNaturalist 中文版推出了!iNaturalist App Chinese version is released!

香港的用戶現在終於可以使用中文版!感謝 HK Explorers Initiative 努力將 iNaturalist 應用程式翻譯為繁體及簡體中文,以及 iNaturalist.org 的 Scott Loarie 及 Alex Shepard 提供應用程式翻譯的技術支援。如果你的手機的預設語言是繁體中文(香港)或繁體中文(台灣),你的 iNaturalist 應用程式將自動被轉至繁體中文。如果你較早前已經下載並使用此應用程式,請將應用程式更新至 Android 版本1.7.9 或 iOS 版本 2.7.4!

參加者及有興趣關注 香港生態速查2017 的朋友,只要在 iNaturalist 應用程式或於 www.inaturalist.org 搜尋我們的任務名稱: HK BioBlitz 2017 就可以追蹤我們觀察記錄的照片及最新動態!最後,希望大家享受這兩天的香港生態速查2017!

Great news to our Hong Kong BioBlitz 2017 participants!
The Beta Chinese version of iNaturalist App is released!
iNaturalist App users in Hong Kong can now use the Chinese version! Great thanks to the translation work of Hong Kong Explorers Initiative and the technical support by Scott Loarie and Alex Shepard from iNaturalist.org! If the ...more ↓

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Hong Kong's second official BioBlitz in Tai Tam SSSI on 3-4 Nov 2017!

BioBlitz is an event spanning over 24 hours, in which teams of scientists, community groups and volunteers work together to find and identify as many species of plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms as possible. Our BioBlitz is organized by Tai Tam Tuk Foundation and subvented by Agriculture, Fisheries and ...more ↓

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