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Before Foray Week

Order your field data slips -

During Foray Week

1. Create new observations of mushrooms you encounter. This can be done through the iNaturalist mobile app or web interface. With each new observation, be sure to select the project for your event and whether you collected the specimen.

2. Take multiple photos of the mushrooms with your cell phone or camera. Take a nice image near ground level from the side, as well as an image of the top, the stem, and the spore bearing surface (this gills or pores on the underside of the cap).

**If you intend to save the specimen, take an image of the field data slip with the specimen.**

**Enter the field data slip number into the field in the mobile app.**

3.Collect the specimen. Store your field slip (or the portion with the number) with the specimen.

4.Back at home, dry the specimens with a dehydrator or fan - Use the duplicate number at the bottom portion of the voucher slip to organize collections as they are being dried. Once they are cracker dry (usually 1-3 days) put the voucher slip and the specimen in a ziplock bag.

5. Mail in your dried specimens - Mail your specimens to Stephen Russell. These specimens qualify for the "Library Rate" since they are specimens being mailed to a herbarium. All of the specimens that are collected as a part of this event will have their DNA "sequenced" or examined. We are likely to find multiple species that are new to science during this event. Your collections could be part of this.


Top Prize - Top Hunter: Most species collected/saved during the week

Big Day: Most species collected/saved on a single day

Rarest Mushroom

Best Photograph

Largest Edible Haul

Bonus Prize: Beat Steve's 2017 Big Day (211 specimens saved. No single species more than twice)

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