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Reefs are constantly changing. Whether due to natural cycles or human activities, these changes often go unnoticed and unrecorded. There is also a distinct lack of historical data on past reef conditions, due to much less research and monitoring being done compared to today.

This project looks to turn your precious diving photographic memories into valuable scientific data on the past health of reefs and the species that were present. Our research plans to unlock this information to show how dive sites have changed through time.

We also hope that this project will be interesting for you to see how sites were before you started exploring the underwater world.

Thank you for diving into your old photographic collections. We are excited to see previously hidden underwater stories from the past, being revealed by your photos.


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This project aims to gather old marine life records from recreational divers.

Old underwater photos and videos could hold valuable scientific data on the species that were present at dive sites in the past and how reef health has changed through time.

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