some of you may know Katja (treegrow) here on iNat. I got inspired by a project she created, where she collects all her observations of species not seen by anyone else so far.

It's a great idea, and I think it fits very much with the idea of our iNat-Challenge-Project here, as this might inspire others to go and look for those missing species.

If you want to create one for yourself, you need to make a collection project and manually include all species names. Then you can regularly check your project and as soon as an additional observer turns up in the project overview, you can remove that taxon from the project (better check first the other's observation for a mis-ID 😉)

Here's mine:

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What is this Project about? // um was geht es bei diesem Projekt?

This project is for showing the game progression and current task of this little challenge. // Dieses Projekt dient dazu, den Spielverlauf und die aktuelle Aufgabe dieses kleinen Spiels zu zeigen.

It all started with martingrimms proposal in observation ...more ↓

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