One fish, two fish... spiky fish, thorny fish...

September’s featured iSeahorse observation is a jaw-dropping pic of two fused-jawed fish! Many species of seahorse are monogamous and thus often found in pairs, as is the case here. iSeahorse user ollieclarke17 gets the photo credits for this shot, which was captured in East Timor, a country ringed by coastlines rich with marine life.

As opposed to last month’s observation, it can be said with confidence that these presumed lovebirds belong to a certain species - in this case, Hippocampus histrix, aka the thorny seahorse. While there are similar-looking species, including H. jayakari (Jayakar’s seahorse), H. barbouri (Barbour’s seahorse), H. angustus (narrow-bellied seahorse) and H. spinosissimus (hedgehog seahorse), ...more ↓

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iSeahorse harnesses the power of citizen scientists — anyone, anywhere in the world who sees a seahorse in the wild — to improve our understanding of ...more ↓

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