January 2021: Describe your walk by adding a comment below

Each time you go out and make observations for this project, describe your walk by adding a comment to this post. Include the date, distance walked, and categories that you used for this walk.

Suggested format:
Date. Place. Distance walked today. Total distance for this project.
Brief description of the area, what you saw, what you learned, who was with you, or any other details you care to share.

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How long might it take to walk 1,000 miles, and what might you see along the way? Where will those 1,000 miles take you?

As an experiment in developing observational skills, and as an exercise program, I have set myself the challenge of walking 1,000 miles within one year. If I walk 3 miles each day, that goal should be quite attainable.

But what is the goal? Not just ...more ↓

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