June 9, 2016 survey at Glendening

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We tallied over 100 species of moths on June 9, a nice haul for forgoing the May survey due to weeks of rain and having to wait a few extra weeks until this survey. I estimate the moth taxon count to be in the 120s, with a variety of other insects also documented. Unlike the April survey, which documented about 20 moth taxa until the activity declined by 10 pm, the action was still building by the June survey's end at around midnight.

Interesting finds

This Fine-lined Gray (Exelis pyrolaria), a geometer moth, is an apparent new county ...more ↓

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Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary (JBWS) has begun a moth monitoring program in 2016. Observations from an ongoing series of moth surveys are collected in this iNaturalist project.

Observations from the public are equally welcome. Join this project to have your observations included.

While moths are the ...more ↓

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