Creation of Larder Locker by the Loggerhead Shrike Working Group

The Loggerhead Shrike Working Group is a collaborative effort to conserve Loggerhead Shrikes through range-wide monitoring of the species. We have a total of 11 US states and one Canadian province involved. As an aside project, the group analyzed LOSH foraging behavior and created a digital collection of all the georeferenced images of cached prey items found. We encourage citizen scientists to actively look for evidence of this species and its kills and to add their own shrike (specifically Loggerhead Shrikes but Northern Shrikes as well) larder images to this project. We hope to increase understanding of geographic variation in Loggerhead Shrike diet across North America and promote awareness of this amazing, declining songbird.

We also have a lot of banded shrikes we monitor across the seasons, so please contact us if you happen to see a shrike in your area with colored bands on its legs. If you would like to learn more about the working group's efforts or join the Shrike ...more ↓

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The Loggerhead Shrike Working Group started Larder Locker as a collaborative citizen science project aimed at creating a digital collection of georeferenced images of cached prey items of North American shrikes, specifically the Loggerhead Shrike (Lanius ludovicianus), across North America. Shrikes are predatory songbirds that create stores of prey items (called larders) by impaling them on ...more ↓

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