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Winterringer, Glen Spelman. Some plant galls of Illinois online

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H.R. Wong, J.C.E. Melvin, and A.M. Harper. Common insect and mite galls of the Canadian Prairies (July 1977)
Fisheries and Environment Canada / Peches et Environnement Canada, Forestry Service / Service des forets
online as a pdf

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Wanda K. Lemna and Calvin G. Messersmith. THE BIOLOGY OF CANADIAN WEEDS. Sonchus arvensis L.
page 526 has a discussion about biological controls including gall makers with a description of the galls of Tephritis dilacerata and
Cytiphora sonchi
pdf online at

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Stein, John D.; Kennedy, Patrick Charles (1972). "Key to Shelterbelt Insects in the Northern Great Plains". Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture.
free ebook

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Felt, Ephraim Porter (1916). "New York State Museum Bulletin: Key to American Insect Galls". Albany, N.Y. : University of the State of New York. pp. 148, 154. Retrieved 1 December 2019.

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helpful for connecting the names in the older resources to the lastest nomenclature for the gall midges; advantage is that it is worldwide and looks like it is actively revised. I suggest googling the title to find the pdf for the revision you need. The info in the brief compressed entries helps to find other perhaps more accessible resources :)

Gagné, R.J.; Jaschhof, M. . "A Catalog of the Cecidomyiidae (Diptera) of the World"

here's their description of the format of the species entries...
Generic entries.--Currently used generic names are centered, capitalized, and in boldface. Listed in chronological order below the heading are that name and any synonyms, misspellings, and emendations, each with author, date, and page. These citations are followed by the name of the type species (the original combination given only if not the current name), the kind of type designation, and, if the type species name is a junior synonym, the present senior synonym. New names or taxonomic decisions made here are in boldface following the entry. A separate paragraph following the generic entry gives geographic and temporal (for fossils) distribution of the genus, the number of included species, host information on occasion, and tribal affiliation, if applicable. Useful references, reasons for any new taxonomic decisions, and additional notes are given as warranted, but general taxonomic references from Appendix 1 are not repeated.

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Merav Vonshak has useful links at
These include:
California Oak Galls/ Joyce Gross -
Mite galls of North America -
A Field Guide to Insects and Diseases of California Oaks -
Thank you Merav

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Hi, would it be possible to add the observation field 'forms gall on' as an option?
I am entering observations for the European Plant Galler Faunistics, where I use that field, so it would be handy to cover both projects with a single observation field

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