Continuing the hunt for lorikeet roosts!

Hi Everyone,

We hope everyone enjoyed listening to the LPS podcast!

You may recall a couple of months ago we made a call to our citizen scientists to let us know the location of any lorikeet roosts they were aware of. Thank you to those that sent through some locations!

We are still on the lookout for lorikeet roost sites, particularly in and around the Brisbane area. For those of you who have walked or driven past a roost site, you know they are hard to miss, as the birds make their presence known with their loud calls. For those who have not had the pleasure, a lorikeet roost site is where large numbers of lorikeets congregate at night. Best time to find one is around dusk when they make their way back to their roost, calling and squabbling amongst themselves.

We would love to hear from all of our members, so feel free to either leave a comment on this journal post, or send ...more ↓

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Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome (LPS) is a disease occurring in wild rainbow lorikeets that causes the birds to become paralysed and unable to fly. This disease results in thousands of rainbow lorikeets being admitted into care each year across south-eastern Queensland (QLD) and north-eastern New South Wales (NSW).

The cause of LPS is unknown, however, researchers are now exploring the ...more ↓

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