Mapping Recovery with the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Update – 6/11/20

Hello Community Scientists,

Summer is upon us – the afternoons are reaching and exceeding 80 degrees F, and the slopes in many places have transitioned from green to gold as annual grasses go to seed. Some weeds are now more obvious and easier to spot (the star thistles are in full bloom), and the small fennel plants from March are now as tall as we are. Acmispon glaber (deerweed) and Spartium junceum (Spanish broom) have turned the slopes along highway 33 temporarily yellow.

I am pleased to report that all of the trails that we hoped would be hiked by volunteers have been mapped at this point – thank you all so much! We are up to >1000 observations in AnecData and >2500 plant observations in iNaturalist. Another way to look at it is: over 4 months, this project generated 20% of all observations ever made in the Thomas Fire scar over the past 10 years on iNaturalist. That level ...more ↓

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Help the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and the Conservation Biology Institute map the recovery of our local wildlands and trails following the Thomas and Whittier Fires!

This project tracks the observations made by volunteer botanists hiking along trails in the Los Padres National Forest. Observations should focus on a suite of invasive plant species (see ...more ↓

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