Welcome to the Marin County Early Detection Project!

Help us document the distribution of wildland weeds in Marin County, to inform control efforts, and reduce the impacts of invasive plants on Marin’s wild places. This project harnesses the crowd-sourcing power of the iNaturalist community to enhance early detection/rapid response surveillance programs currently implemented by land management agencies in Marin County.

The preliminary taxon list for this project combines high priority species from early detection programs for the San Francisco Bay Area Network of National Parks in Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and Point Reyes National Seashore, and the Tamalpais Lands Collaborative (One Tam). Most of these species are not yet widespread in Marin. Some species such as French broom and Himalayan blackberry are widespread, but remain locally uncommon in many areas.

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Discovering environmental weeds before they become well-established is critical to preventing damage to ecosystem integrity, avoiding the loss of habitat for native plants and animals, and reducing the need for costly natural resource management.

Early detection and rapid response (EDRR) is the most efficient and cost effective method to manage the impacts of invasive plant ...more ↓

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