Bulk uploading your existing observations to the Project

Welcome new MLSSA members, and some not so new.

For those who already have added observation to iNaturalist and are dreading the tedious process of adding each observation manually, read on:

To bulk upload your observations to a project simply click on the "Observations" link below your name on the top right of screen.

Using the map on the right, zoom in on your South Australian observations, and click on "re-do search in map area".
This will restrict your observation to those roughly in the right area.

Underneath the heading of "Your Observations" is a button with "batch edit". Click on that.

----------------------------- This line is here for a reason----------------------

Click on "Select All", then on "Add to Project".

Now, very important, do not click on any of the REMOVE buttons! This will delete your observations from projects you've already joined.

Click on the "Add" button next to Marine Life Society ...more ↓

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To record and document the marine life of South Australia for the purpose of aiding conservation, preservation and rehabilitation efforts.

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