Coyote Behavior in Fall (September – November)

Fall is another season of big changes to some coyote pack structures. By the end of summer, family members may begin to leave the pack to establish territories elsewhere. It is not uncommon to spot coyotes in unusual locations during this time, as some juveniles travel through unfamiliar parts of the city to claim a home. Keep coyotes wary of humans by using hazing techniques, such as shouting and raising your arms, to discourage coyotes from becoming too comfortable within neighborhoods. If a coyote becomes habituated near people, engage with your neighbors to get everyone in your community on board with hazing and removing potential food sources. For actions you can take at a community level, refer to the Urban Coyote Initiative’s article on community coyote awareness here:

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The main objective of the Milwaukee County Coyote Watch project is to learn more about coyote populations in Milwaukee County and monitor their behaviors! We ask that residents of Milwaukee County report any sightings of coyotes that they have to this new, easy-to-use, public database!

Look closely! We will have several marked animals around targeted areas of Milwaukee County ...more ↓

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