Spring Coyote Behavior (March-June)

Springtime in the life of a coyote is defined by the birth of pups. Mating activity typically lasts from February through March, and new litters are born after a 9-week gestation period in April and May. The number of pups produced is generally dependent on available food resources and the surrounding coyote population, and in urban areas can average around 6 pups. Raising young is a team effort and the entire pack contributes to the success of a litter. More often than not, a coyote pack consists of an alpha pair –the only two members of a pack to mate – and generally one or two of their offspring from previous litters that help raise the current litter. For the next several weeks after birth, the mother spends her time primarily in the den with the pups, while the father and subordinate members take turns hunting and staying vigilant of the den sites. Within a few weeks, coyote pups are weaned and begin to exit the den to play and socialize with other pack members. By the time ...more ↓

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The main objective of the Milwaukee County Coyote Watch project is to learn more about coyote populations in Milwaukee County and monitor their behaviors! We ask that residents of Milwaukee County report any sightings of coyotes that they have to this new, easy-to-use, public database!

Look closely! We will have several marked animals around targeted areas of Milwaukee County as ...more ↓

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