Summer 2023

In summer, coyote packs with new pups are busy teaching the youngest members everything there is to know about being a coyote – how to hunt, which paths to travel, and how to thrive in a unique urban wilderness. Urban coyotes have a 60% chance of survival during their first year of life, with car collisions accounting for the highest cause of death. Coyote activity increases during these summer months and coincides with our highest outdoor activity. Therefore, the highest chances for human and coyote interactions generally occur from June through August, before tapering off in September. This is also the time of year where the most altercations between dogs and coyotes occur. It is extremely important to exercise caution when visiting natural areas during this time, especially with pets.
Heed any caution signs you may encounter and stick to trails and open paths that allow you to see and react to coyotes ahead of time. Be vigilant of your surroundings as well as your children ...more ↓

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The main objective of the Milwaukee County Coyote Watch project is to learn more about coyote populations in Milwaukee County and monitor their behaviors! We ask that residents of Milwaukee County report any sightings of coyotes that they have to this new, easy-to-use, public database!

Look closely! We will have several marked animals around targeted areas of Milwaukee County as ...more ↓

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