Coyote Denning/Pup Rearing Notification

April is the denning and pup rearing season for coyotes in Wisconsin! During this time of year, residents and park users are encouraged to exercise caution around coyotes that are protective of their dens and/or newborn pups. Coyotes are very adaptable, timid and elusive animals that will build their dens in hard-to-find locations such as secluded parts of parks and golf courses, sometimes using abandoned woodchuck or fox den sites, and even denning in man-made culverts. Typically, a den is made up to two or more tunnels leading to a 3-4 foot deep hole in the ground, the entrance to the den is usually about 10 inches wide by 13 inches high (check out the photo below for reference!). One key preventative measure to avoid conflict is to keep dogs leashed during the denning period unless, you’re in an area you know to be “coyote-free”, such as the designated Milwaukee County Parks Dog Parks, which are fenced off. If you encounter a coyote near its den, or with its pups, do NOT attempt ...more ↓

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The main objective of the Milwaukee County Coyote Watch project is to learn more about coyote populations in Milwaukee County and monitor their behaviors! We ask that residents of Milwaukee County report any sightings of coyotes that they have to this new, easy-to-use, public database!

Look closely! We will have several marked animals around targeted areas of Milwaukee County as well. ...more ↓

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