NEWS: > 1000 records! Mosquito Conference and RISE of the MACHINES

Hi iNat Mosquito people!

I am at the American Mosquito Control Assocation annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. I just finished talking about the mosquitoes in Hawai`i project and all your great work!

My presentation entitled: "Engaging citizen scientists in mosquito response using the iNaturalist social network, app and machine learning tools" got a lot of interest at this conference.

My talk introduced your amazing work and showed off how iNaturalist now has operational Computer Vision--otherwise known as machine learning or sometimes referred to as artificial intelligence. The Computer Vision algorithm can now successfully identify several species of mosquitoes that you have documented including Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus and Culex quinqefasciatus.

The vision algorithm does not in any way replace the role of identifiers in iNaturalist. In fact the 'social' aspect of identification builds up the database of research ...more ↓

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Thank you for entering observations of mosquitoes in Hawai’i using iNaturalist! Hawaii is home to six invasive mosquito species. By adding observations to this project you will be helping document where and when these species are found across the islands. You may also help catch a newly arriving species before it has time to spread! Ultimately information about the distribution and seasonal ...more ↓

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