Mosquito Global Experiment November 10th, 2017 ISCSM Day

Aloha all mosquito catchers!

I am writing to encourage all of us to participate in the ‘Global Experiment’ -- a global citizen science effort to document mosquitoes and their habitats on the International Science Center and Science Museum Day on November 10th, 2017.

The effort is being promoted by the Association of Science Technology Centers and is part of a large push to test out new citizen science efforts to combat mosquitoes and mosquito borne diseases at the international level.

The experiment is part of the Nasa sponsored Globe program and makes use of their Globe Observer App (on the web or the app for iTunes and Android).

The app focus is to locate larval habitats and document them then clean up the habitat, or dump it out to remove the larvae!

Larval identification to genus (or beyond) is also reported, but we can go further since we know how to rear-out larvae and can document our identifications with iNaturalist.

This is an opportunity to renew our efforts to document and deal with mosquitoes in our neighborhoods and communities! I would love it if several of you could join me to coordinate the effort, try out the Globe Observer App and see how the platform works and decide how we can connect it to our iNaturalist efforts. Please let me know in the comments below!

Here are all the relevant links to get ready for November 10th, 2017:

Global Experiment
International Science Center and Science Museum Day
Nasa sponsored Globe program

--or skip the introduction and just download the app and try it:

Globe Observer App Apple
Globe Observer App Android

or use the Globe Observer Web portal

and of course, let's post all observations that we can ID to species in the Mosquitoes in Hawai`i" Project!

Meanwhile, let's keep the momentum going by showing interest in the comments below and keep on catching mosquitoes!

Stay safe out there!

All the best,

Durrell (@cydno)

PS. For more on the trend of citizen science and mosquitoes, see my last post Citizen Science and Mosquitoes a new trend!

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