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The Murphys Point iNaturalist project is a great way to 'explore' the park and get a feel for what is being seen. It also adds to our knowledge of the park's flora and fauna and potentially helps us to identify critical habitat.

This note explains how to add your observations to this (and other) projects retrospectively. Unlike most of the newer projects on iNaturalist, the Murphys Point project is an 'older' model. The way it was originally set up means that observations have to be manually added either by the observer (quick and easy at the time or retrospectively) or by the project admin (must add each record individually). I have a series of screen shots to help you do this - if you wish to receive these, please message me (markread) through the website.

To retrospectively add observations follow these steps.

Step 1: Join the Murphys Point project if not already a member.
Step 2: Hover over your user icon (top right), and select 'edit ...more ↓

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Our goal is to collect and organize wildlife observations in Murphys Point Provincial Park, Ontario. This includes all plants, mammals, insects, fungi and any other wild living things you can find.
Help us form an updated inventory of sightings that will aid in future park education and research, and help to give us all a better understanding of the diversity and abundance of life that ...more ↓

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