iNaturalist reporting summary shows value of reporting finds

As the mercury drops around the country, our myrtles should finally be enjoying some respite from myrtle rust. If you do see symptoms though - particularly of telltale yellow spores indicating an active infection - put your pictures up. This article, reporting on finds logged on iNaturalist throughout the last 'season,' describes how your records inform land managers, help researchers, and have even attracted media attention:

Over 500 new reports have been made since last November.

While myrtle rust is lying low, now is the time to think about pruning your myrtles so new growth is less likely to ...more ↓

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Your help is needed to monitor the spread of myrtle rust. This disease is a serious biosecurity threat. Myrtle rust is caused by a fungus that spreads in the air. People can also move fungal spores around, and introduce the disease to new hosts and areas where it may not independently arrive. Plants in the Myrtaceae family (myrtles) are at risk from dieback and death from myrtle ...more ↓

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