Anyone want to help out with a research project?

I’ve mentioned it before, but Natural NC is acting as a case study for an NSF funded research project looking at embedded assessments in citizen science projects. As part of this project, we are developing a survey that will be used as part of upcoming training programs to assess skills we would like for participants to develop through participation in Natural NC. The first survey didn’t work as expected to assess the skills of interest, so we have a new survey that we are testing. Would any of you be willing to help us test it by taking it? If so, you can find it here:

The survey will take 5-10 minutes. Once we have a final survey in place, it will become a part of a new training program that I'm developing for this project to get more people involved.

Thanks, everyone, for your continued participation in Natural North Carolina!

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North Carolina is a beautiful place! With the huge variation in habitat types - from the mountains to the piedmont to the coastal plain - our state boasts a grand diversity of plants, animals, and fungi. Just look around. You likely encounter hundreds of species in your daily life, and many just beyond your front door!

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