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When COVID shelter-in-place hit, I was lucky. I got to continue to work, but from home. It became all too easy to become stuck in front of my computer for hours on end, so I very quickly added outdoor lunch breaks in my backyard. I decided I'd work on my birding "yard list", and then as spring took hold, started noticing all of the insects, especially hover flies. Before long, I decided I'd try to document 365 animal species in the course of the next year.

I talk about this journey and many of the interesting "discoveries" in this talk for the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority . I already feel like I need an update because since April I've discovered at least 30 new species, including this really fun gall:

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Project to track observations from my yard, which is about 6000 square feet in suburban San Jose. I include anything I can see or hear from my yard. You can listen to how this project came to be in this podcast episode:

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