Spring has sprung, and like all of us, the alligators have taken notice!

If you’ve been out near your local pond, marsh, or lake lately, you may have seen an alligator coming out of its winter brumation—a long period of dormancy during which they don’t eat and spend most of their time in underground dens. Alligators will emerge in response to the warm spring weather and can be seen basking on banks and sandbars this time of year.

North Carolina’s alligators are currently preparing for the breeding season and many are already out and on the move looking for mates. Breeding takes place May through June after which females will begin building nests. Hatchlings won’t start emerging from nests until late August.

This is a busy time of year for both people and alligators and, as a result, NCWRC receives the most calls from the public about alligator sightings during the month of May. Instead of calling, you can report when and where you see alligators by uploading your photos to the “NC Wildlife Alligators” project here on iNaturalist! ...more ↓

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The purpose of this project is to use reports of alligator sightings from the public to provide insight on where alligators are in North Carolina.

Learn more about this project here.

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