Farewell, For Now

Hello all,

I am officially at the end of my internship with the National Park Service and Appalachian Mountain Club. In the past 12 weeks, I launched this project and collected observations from over 1000 of you! I am so grateful for your participation in this project. Your observations have proven once again that using iNaturalist as a research tool is possible. From the 3000+ observations in this project, I was able to create baseline metrics for analysis of flowering and fruiting in native plants along the New England Trail. I found that yellow trout lily, jack-in-the-pulpit, and Canada mayflower will be the best indicators of spring for the region. I also found that many factors such as elevation and latitude impact when seasons arrive.

Only through your efforts could I have begun this project and made these scientific conclusions. But this project is by no means over! The New England Trail Nature Watch will continue to live on as a tool for AMC and the NET’s ...more ↓

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Please join the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), Connecticut Forest and Parks Association (CFPA), and National Park Service (NPS) in monitoring plants and animals along the New England National Scenic Trail Corridor! All plant and animal observations are welcome, and will be available for scientific study when added to iNaturalist. Our project partners are particularly interested in flowering ...more ↓

grace_piselli created this project on May 23, 2022
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