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We know it has been a while since we last posted, and a lot has happened in our worlds, but we’d like to remind everyone we are still here and appreciate all the observations! AMC is continuing to track climate change in the mountains, and the growing seasons are getting longer. Check out our recent publication on climate indicators:

We also wanted to let you know that because of iNaturalist observers we are adding two new plant species to our target list!

Greenland Stitchwort (Mononeuria groenlandica)

Three-toothed Cinquefoil (Sibbaldiopsis ...more ↓

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Please join the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK), Green Mountain Club (GMC), and Baxter State Park (BSP) in documenting flowering times of plants in northeast alpine areas.

By sharing photo observations from your next hiking trip above treeline, you can contribute to ongoing phenology (timing of biological events) research. Your photos can become ...more ↓


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