Spring is finally here at Baxter State Park

After a long winter and slow snowmelt this spring, the Information and Education department at Baxter State Park finally made it up Katahdin for our first alpine hike. We went up Cathedral to the summit, down the Hunt trail, across Baxter peak cut-off, and then up and down Hamlin to the Roaring Brook parking lot. If you've ever hiked Katahdin than you know how strenuous that day was. We had perfect weather and enjoyed looking at all the blooming alpine plants. For the most part, the alpine plants that we monitor are just on the brink of blooming. Diapensia is the furthest along with flowers speckled everywhere across the alpine zone. Bog bilberry looks like the furthest behind, in some places, barely hinting that Spring has finally come. There are a few flowers on the Bigelow Sedge and the Labrador Tea will have flowers soon as well. Plenty of beautiful alpine azalea flowers on the tablelands. Next week our Summit Stewards will start their regular mountain patrols and they will be on the lookout for new flowers popping out!
Happy Hiking!
BSP Interpretive Specialist

Posted by baxterelise baxterelise, June 20, 2019 17:52


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