Ocean Sanctuaries' Tide Pool Bioblitz Jan 2019's News

January 17, 2019

Official Certificate of Participation

If you pre-register for our FREE BIOBLITZ event you can get an official participant certificate FREE.

After the event we will email you requesting your iNaturalist ID. We will verify your observations and send you a link to sign up for your Official Certificate of Participation.

Didn't pre-register? No worries you can still get an official certificate for a small $10 donation.

To see a sample of the Official Certificate of Participation check out our Facebook page:

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January 06, 2019

Key Vocabulary

  • Biodiversity refers to diverse forms of life that inhabit a given area. Bio meaning life, diversity meaning all the differing kinds of life that are living and growing there.
  • A citizen or community scientist is an individual who voluntarily contributes his or her time, effort, and resources toward scientific research in collaboration with professional scientists or alone. These individuals don’t necessarily have a formal science background.
  • A naturalist is a person who studies plants and animals as they live in nature.
  • An organism is an individual animal, plant, or single-celled life form.
  • Habitat is where an organism lives and grows.
  • A survey means to look at or examine carefully and appraise something.
  • An ecosystem is a system, or a group of interconnected elements, formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment.

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Tide Pool Preparation

Preparation for Tide Pooling
• What do I need to wear?
– Water shoes/sandals, neoprene booties, or ocean waders
Your feet will definitely get wet and maybe more
– Shorts or fast-drying pants that you can roll up to keep dry
– Wear layers; it might be sunny, cloudy, or even a bit rainy
– Bring a towel, extra pair of shoes and socks, and something else to keep you warm
• What do I need to bring?
– Smartphone (preferred method for taking photos and posting to iNaturalist
– Additionally, GoPro, digital camera or DSLR, magnifying glass (optional)
Remember it might get wet! If you have a waterproof housing, you should bring it
– Fanny pack, small shoulder bag, or backpack to secure your electronics and valuables in
• Get started with iNaturalist – before you arrive
– Download the iNaturalist app on your smartphone
– Register/Signup
– Join Our Project
Ocean Sanctuaries' Tide Pool Bioblitz Jan 2019

After the Bioblitz Event
• Login to iNaturalist
• Click on the Projects Tab
• Select this Project:
Ocean Sanctuaries' Tide Pool Bioblitz Jan 2019
If you don’t see the project, you need to “join” it. Refer to the Getting Started link above.

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