Common predators observed so far

-dragonflies (Odonata)
-robber flies (Asilidae)
-spiders (Araneae)

-praying mantis (Mantidae) - Prey being "shared" with Asilidae, unsure which insect captured prey. Independent of this case I have watched Mantidae take Odonata as prey. see:

-ants (Hymenoptera) - Unsure if ants seized and subdued prey while living, appropriated prey Asilidae discarded or any other number of possible options. see:

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@aru, thanks for the awesome link! I wish I could read Japanese; I'm curious what the writing says. The photos are great too.

I have seen the same behavior in the very similar New World species Ischnura ramburii (and also with the New World dragonfly Erythemis simplicicollis and Old World dragonfly Orthetrum sabina). There are some examples of this true cannibalism within the project--I will have to search for them.

Posted by briangooding about 2 years ago (Flag)

Though I read Japanese, my command of the language is poor, mostly I depend on Google Translate to read Mr. Aoki's website. I saw exactly the same cannibalism but that observation report itself is so outstanding that I think you should read/view it, even just for photos. Making use of Google Translate to read that article in English and found it did a very good job but on the species' common name (usually xxxxx tombo, in which tonbo means odonate) and a term of jargon, 多分二化目, which I could not find it on internet, either. I am a big fan of Mr. Aoki's journal on the website, from which I enjoy & learn a lot.

Posted by aru about 2 years ago (Flag)

Yes, it is very beautifully a mini natural history documentary. Thanks again for sharing!

Posted by briangooding about 2 years ago (Flag)

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