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Due to the disappearance and recent federal listing of the rusty patched bumblebee as endangered, conservation-minded organizations in the state started Ohio Bee Atlas! Please help us by joining and participating in this or other bee related projects this summer to try to find and protect the last holdouts of our beautiful native bumblebee.

Check out the project page or The Ohio State University's Bee Lab to find more about the rusty patched bumblebee and other ways to help in this national effort.

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Since 1912, the Ohio Biological Survey has worked to promote the science of natural history through inter-institutional research and public outreach. To learn more about the Ohio Biological Survey, please visit

Celebrate the OBS Centennial with an all-taxa BioBlitz across the varied physiographic regions of the beautiful state of Ohio.

Terms & Rules

The Ohio Biological Survey (OBS) encourages responsible use of the iNaturalist platform. Users are reminded that the pursuit of endangered species, whether it results in the capture of an animal or not, is unlawful without a permit from the Ohio Division of Wildlife (ORC 1501:31-23-01).Please consider the following rules of etiquette when you are in the field (thanks to Greg Lipps):

  • don’t pursue listed species
  • don’t disturb research sites or equipment
  • leave the habitat as you found it
  • do not trespass
  • communicate with land owners and managers
  • don’t disclose sensitive location information
  • be a model for ethical behavior
  • appreciate and respect our native flora and fauna.

Please note that if you would like to obscure the location of a particular sighting you may select “Private” under the option for “Change Geoprivacy.” Private locations will not be visible on the map but will still be visible to OBS and can be used for our data collection purposes. Thanks for joining our project. We hope you have a great time using the site and observing wildlife. We appreciate your help collecting distribution information on the plants and animals of Ohio.

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