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Hi All,

Submission deadline:
Please try to have any remaining observations submitted by December 1st so we have time to identify them before downloading the data. Thank you to everyone who has already done so! If you know a photographer who hasn't uploaded, consider mentioning it to them.

Location Privacy notes:
Please double check your location privacy settings. A few users have them set such that we cannot see obscured or private coordinates and thus cannot easily verify location to county level or lower. You can double check your privacy settings from a computer by visiting the project page. From there, you can scroll down until you see the map box. To the right of that box should be a grey box, one of which will say "Your Membership" followed by your number of observations in the project. ...more ↓

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This project is to update information on the distribution and abundance of Ohio dragonflies and damselflies. It is an update from the first Ohio Odonata Survey which ran from 1991 to 2000, and resulted in the publication by the Ohio Biological Survey of "The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ohio."

The first survey was entirely based up museum specimens, ...more ↓

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