Late season dragons emerging now!

Hi everyone,

The rain has not stopped us! Despite the historic flooding and rain for what felt like most of May and June, we are getting record numbers of observations. This is perhaps in part due to even more people out looking and submitting observations. Thank you again for taking time to help us understand our dragonflies and damselflies.

Thanks also to our many identifiers on iNaturalist who are confirming our records and helping the newbies with identifications. (Props to @jimlem , @sallypsandpiper , and @joshualincoln , all of whom have contributed over ...more ↓

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This project is to update information on the distribution and abundance of Ohio dragonflies and damselflies. It is an update from the first Ohio Odonata Survey which ran from 1991 to 2000, and resulted in the publication by the Ohio Biological Survey of "The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ohio."

The first survey was entirely based up museum specimens, new collections of specimens, and ...more ↓

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