Rewriting the Record Book!

Lizards On The Loose 2018/19 is a wrap, and we are so impressed by the fantastic effort that you all put into this year’s challenge! We absolutely blew away our record total of observations from last year – you submitted over 900 more observations which means the 2018/19 total has now passed 3,150 iNaturalist submissions!! We had 18 schools each submit at least 50 observations to the project showing the great variety of anole species and their habitats in the Miami area. We are so exceptionally proud of every single one of you lizard biologists in your quest to record data that has never been done before at this scale!

We are already exploring the many different ways in which we can use the data from your submissions of lizards to iNaturalist. These data are going to be vital in our quest to understand two important scientific questions; 1. How invasive lizards invade, and 2. How lizards are surviving in city environments! We hope you had as much ...more ↓

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Lizards on the Loose is a part of the Fairchild Challenge. Submit observations of anoles from your school and community to help scientists understand where these lizards live and how they behave in city habitats!

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