Still looking for Spiny Lobster observations

Over the past year, I have heard some reports of live spiny lobsters in Northern California. Tom Stienstra wrote about some observations from Lake Merritt and along the open coast here:

We just heard from a fisherman that he saw a live lobster in the San Francisco Bay just last week!

If you are out in the bay or along the coast, beachcombing, diving, or exploring in any way, and see a spiny lobster molt or live animal, please take photos and share your find!

Your observations are key to our understanding of the changes in this species' range.

We are only asking for geotagged photos, but just in case you are wondering about the fishing rules for California Spiny Lobsters, here they are:

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Following and documenting the northward range expansion of the California Spiny Lobster, Panulirus interruptus.

Please add any spiny lobster photos, especially those of molts and live animals north of the Monterey Bay!

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