How to change the place/location name associated with an observation

As promised in my previous journal entry, I'm going to provide some tips on changing the "place" or location name associated with your observations. This is for those who currently put place names in the "Notes" field.

Before providing instructions, I thought I've provide a bit of background for those who wonder why someone would want to enter their own Place/Location name. The Ontario Butterfly Atlas website does not show exact locations for observations. On the maps, the finest granularity at which the observations are mapped is at the level of 10km "squares". A square that's 10km on a side covers a lot of ground. The Atlas can also display various lists of observations. The Lat/Long coordinates are never displayed in those lists, so without some kind of Location name, it's tough for someone viewing the lists to know where any particular observation was made.

When you enter an observation into iNat, it will get the Lat/Long from the photo (if they are ...more ↓

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This project collects observations of native butterflies and skippers in Ontario for the Ontario Butterfly Atlas. The Toronto Entomologists' Association has been collecting observations in the province since 1969 and publishes the Atlas to share information on ...more ↓

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