January 2018 iMapInvasives Newsletter Posted

Hello iNaturalists,

The latest Oregon iMapInvasives newsletter is available for your perusal! In this issue I discuss our exciting new partnership with NatureServe, why species get added to the iMap list, and provide some data updates.

You can learn more about what the Oregon iMapInvasives program has been up to in our past newsletters or read stories from across the network on the iMap Action site.

iNaturalist observations lead to early detection and rapid response management of high priority weeds and fills in gaps in our understanding of species distributions. Keep those observations coming!


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Oregon iMapInvasives provides an on-line, GIS-based data management system to assist citizen scientists and natural resource managers working to protect natural resources from the threat of invasive species. We collate data from a variety of sources (such as iNaturalist!) to build a statewide picture of invasive species locations and management actions.

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