auto-tag your observations by joining the Oregon iMap Collector project

Hi folks!
If you'd like your relevant invasive species sightings to automatically display the Oregon iMapInvasives project flag, please join the Oregon iMapInvasives Collector project -

The two projects serve the same purpose - to highlight species that are invasive in Oregon, non-native but potentially invasive, or newly introduced with unknown impacts, and give the iMapInvasives network permission to use your observation info. People tend to find the iNaturalist "traditional" project more easily (and thus has much higher membership), but the "collector" saves me (and you) the time of manually tagging each relevant observation into the project. For that reason the collector project is also where I put more energy into keeping the species list up to date.

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Oregon iMapInvasives provides an on-line, GIS-based data management system to assist citizen scientists and natural resource managers working to protect natural resources from the threat of invasive species. We collate data from a variety of sources (such as iNaturalist!) to build a statewide picture of invasive species locations and management actions.

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wisel created this project on October 22, 2015
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