North side - 07/21/21

Wednesday 10:00-11:30 am: no newts.
Weather - nice, a bit hot.
Other roadkills: none (the entire road is covered with gravel).
Coverage: from the parking lot to the second stop sign.
Traffic: 9 trucks, 94 cars, 1 motorcycle, 10 bikes, 21 pedestrians, and 20 cars parked by the road and in the parking lots (no cars at the far lot).
County Roads is still repaving the road. The entire north section was under construction, with tar covered with gravel along the entire 2-mile section of the road. Some of it was already like that last week, and long sections were already repaved on the 2020 fall, not sure why they are repaving it again. It seemed that the road being repaved is wider than before, with even narrower shoulders than before. It felt very unsafe (even more than usual) walking on the road in the blind curves. I didn't see the actual construction site.
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The purpose of this project is to record the number of Pacific Newts killed on Alma Bridge Rd. near Lexington Reservoir during the migration season 2020-2021 in an effort to influence the Santa Clara County Roads Department to close the road or implement other mitigating measures to reduce the massive roadkill during newt migration season.

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