Newt Patrol Team - Roadkill at Lexington

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Hi Team,
I'm not able to find the juveniles you all have found this year. Since we can't Search on Annotations, I have to depend on the word "juvenile" being either in the description or in a tag. The Search feature doesn't look at reviewer comments or field values, the only content I have control over.

So, could you please add the word "juvenile" to either the description or the tag field?

Merav and I have noticed an appreciable increase in the number of juveniles found dead on the road this season compared to last ...more ↓

Posted on December 14, 2019 16:53 by truthseqr truthseqr | 0 comments | Leave a comment
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The purpose of this project is to record the number of Pacific Newts being killed on Alma Bridge Rd. near Lexington Reservoir in an effort to get the Santa Clara County Roads Department to identify and implement short-term remedies while exploring long-term solutions to this roadkill hotspot.

This project will be rolled up with other sub-projects to show a comprehensive picture of live ...more ↓

Mini truthseqr created this project on November 21, 2019

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