Friday, September 18 2015-16 Symbolic Butterfly Project Begins_Longfellow 4/5th Grade Students

On Friday, fourth and fifth grade Longfellow students in Pasadena were introduced to the Symbolic Butterfly Project. I began teaching many of these students monarch life cycle, migration, milkweed studies, and related current events during their second and third grade years.

On this day students watched online videos of life in Mexico where the eastern monarchs overwinter. They then broke into collaborative groups and brainstormed about what their ambassador butterfly headed to Mexico will symbolized. Next week I plan to have students work together to create the actual artistic butterfly that will be mailed to students in Mexico. Other components to follow. Stay tuned!

While students are busy in the classroom, monarch life-cycle showing signs of slowing down due to high temperature in Pasadena ~98°. Eggs present, early instar larva present, but no sign of later 4-5 instar insight. My recent observations would lead one to expect fifth instar and adults visible. To be ...more ↓

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This project is dedicated to the collection of data specific to monarch and milkweed population, health, and conservation in the Pasadena area. All are encouraged to submit observations within Pasadena boundaries including detailed notes. (Okay to submit Altadena locations).

My name is Kristy Clougherty. I have been studying monarchs and milkweed for over five years. I share my findings ...more ↓

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