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Its easy to add an observation to our project, just create your own account (its free) with iNaturalist, if you don't already have one, then just click on "add an observation" to this project. Photos really help, so upload the image you have of the animal you observed, then fill in the fields for the date, and location. You can use the map to navigate to the location, moving the pin where you want it. When you've got the location pinned, double click the pin to "set" it. You can also set the location option to show just a general location if you want to protect the exact location.
Please fill out the bottom two fields as well, they are required for this project, I know its redundant, but fill out the date and location again on those bottom fields, and Thank You for participating in the iNaturalist Pathways project!

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Gather data for large mammals that need to travel between the mountains of New Mexico. Our focal species are Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, and Bobcat. We will accept sightings/photos of other species of animals as well, as there is little data on the local animals that live here.

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