And, the Species Record is broken too!

Wow, the record of most species seen during the Personal Bioblitz was just broken, and you all did this together. I have a feeling that the Australian species helped a lot!

Now, another month left, how far can you take this? Are we going to get a record that can't be broken next year? :)

I know most of my observations are still in my camera, and I bet I am not alone in this, so keep them coming. You have until May 15 to look and report, and bring out the handlenses, microscopes, binoculars, and look at the big and small. There is a lot of small things that have species names :)

Keep the observations flowing in!
Take care, Lena

Posted by vilseskog vilseskog, April 16, 2021 01:25


Hey Lena, on 22nd (next Thursday) I go to Sanibel, Florida, and I should be able to make a ton of great observations from there, on the beaches and inland.

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