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When? 76 days, 1 March to 15 May 2018, 24/7, anywhere.

How? See, listen, discover, learn, identify, list, upload species. Others will help you identify the species you upload photos of.

Why? Learn more about what lives right around you - birds, plants, microbes, algae, fungi, insects, mollusks, mammals…

Who? Anybody associated with Rutgers University (including friends of Rutgers people), wherever you are in the world.

What? Any wild species anywhere in the world that you personally experience (special rules apply, see website).

In 2017 we saw over 4,900 species together,
in 2017 we reported 20,861 observations,
this year, can we break these impressive records?

There will be help with identification, fun discoveries, and a giant online website of what we discover. Sign up now! You need to BOTH JOIN THE INATURALIST PROJECT AND SIGN UP ON THE LINK BELOW.

In 2017 we saw over 4,900 species together,
in 2017 we ...more ↓

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WANTED! Join the Rutgers University 2018 PERSONAL BIOBLITZ!
Join our biodiscovery project, now in its 5th year. Count up the wild species you can discover in your everyday life and compare what you see and get help ID unknown species.

Project Website:

When? 76 ...more ↓

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