39 Assessments from Peru

Draft assessments of the first 39 Peruvian amphibians under review are posted! Our goal is to solicit feedback on each of these assessments. If you have experience with Peruvian amphibians, please review these assessments and give us your feedback. If you have photos or specimens of Peruvian amphibians (including those not currently under review) add them as observations. Your contributions will help us keep the Red List up to date so we can better conserve Peru's unique amphibian fauna.

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If you're interested in Peruvian amphibians, we need your help. Post your observations and provide feedback on the posted draft IUCN Red List assessments which are under review. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is an essential tool for conservationists, researchers, policy makers and donors alike. But with roughly one amphibian species described every two days, keeping the Red List up to ...more ↓

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