Interactive Weeds Key

In July 2014, 86 new species were added to the interactive key to New Zealand weeds (, along with a set of habitat characters (e.g., grasslands; parks, gardens and footpaths; roadsides and disturbed sites etc.) for all weeds in the key. This raises the total to more than 600 taxa (species, subspecies, varieties, hybrids and cultivars).

The TFBIS (Terrestrial & Freshwater Biodiversity Information System) Programme funded the majority of this project. For 2013–2015, TFBIS have provided further funds to add more than 100 species to this popular key.

TFBIS are also funding an app version for smartphones and tablets.

Posted by meurkc meurkc, July 18, 2014 02:18


Hi Colin,
I have a mistake of mine to fix. After our discussion on the Arundo donax, and the leaves in the background, I put up an observation of Canna sp. On the iPhone I occasionally use, I found the observation was again waiting to be uploaded after I edited it. Since it was already uploaded, I deleted the observation on the iPhone. Now I see it is deleted on the nature watch nz site. Can it be recovered? If not, I can give up on it, and do a new observation of Canna sp.

Posted by bcal003 over 6 years ago (Flag)

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