This is the second in a series of Pollinator updates (Pupdate) on the things we said we will do or things related to the implementation of the Trinidad and Tobago Pollinators Action Plan.

Activities completed to date (22nd September to 15th November 2018)

1. Promoting the iNaturalist TT project page on pollinators and pests at the Inception Workshop in Tobago for the 6th National Report to the CBD hosted by the Environmental Policy and Planning Division, Ministry of Planning and Development (EPPD).
2. Promoting the iNaturalist TT project page for citizen science inputs through personal and institutional networks (LD, DP, FH, EPPD)…123 observations, 48 species, 23 observers as at 15th November 2018.
3. Orientation on the key findings of the IPBES Pollinators ...more ↓

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Help us record and identify pollinators and pests of plant species across Trinidad and Tobago (where possible, please add a comment about the plant that you found the animal on)! Wild pollinators that are essential to agriculture and maintaining biodiversity are declining across the planet, with very specific challenges facing the Caribbean region, including the near complete lack of ...more ↓

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