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It's been a while but we are still at it! Thanks to all of your great contributions, the various Caribbean island projects have grown considerably, especially this one!

Additionally, we have held a stingless beekeeping workshop at Wa Samaki Ecosystems, with a pollination workshop to hopefully follow soon. The NGO Caribbean Alliance for Pollinator Conservation (CAPoC) has now also been registered and we are in the process of sorting out some details in that regard, with lots of activities in the works, such as a bee rescue network, a stingless bee identification and rearing project, and lots and lots of education initiatives. Stay tuned!

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Help us record and identify pollinators and pests of plant species across Trinidad and Tobago (where possible, please add a comment about the plant that you found the animal on)! Wild pollinators that are essential to agriculture and maintaining biodiversity are declining across the planet, with very specific challenges facing the Caribbean region, including the near complete lack of ...more ↓

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